Vista x64-Compatible Wireless Adaptors


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Forgive me for wandering even further off topic Guru, but I've just started the ball rolling on getting broadband and 1st thing I noticed in my chosen supplier's order processing website is "our wireless adapter is not Vista compatible"
So I'm looking now on the web for a Vista 64 compatible adapter - you just went V64 - what adapter are you using ?
Or are you hard-wired ?
Perhaps I should start a thread in the Hardware forum.
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Well this is my card:
I last used it under Vista x86 and it worked OK - but it's several years outdated and I doubt it's x64 compatible. (I prefer wired when available to wireless)

I'd recommend either the D-Link DWL-G550 (802.11g, high-quality, not cheap), the MSI PC60G (802.11g, best bang-for-the-buck), or the Encore ENLWI-N if you're in the market for 802.11n-draft adaptors.

(thread moved, btw).
Just a postscript for anyone who reads this in future looking for the same info.
I got MSI PC80G-F (PCI) and MSI US60SE (USB), which both have Vista and XP x64 drivers on the website and a vista logo on the USB box. Both are supposed to be Turbo or Super g at 108 Mb/sec.
Waste of time downloading the drivers because Vista 64 just installed from its own driver pool and wouldn't accept an update to the downloaded version anyway, and XP didn't like the downloaded driver but was perfectly happy with the CD version supplied.
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