Vista x64 iso image


I downloaded utorrent, and then used the link to download the vista x64 iso image. When I use winzip to unzip it, I get 2 files and no iso image....what exactly am I doing wrong here?

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Hi Jesse, welcome to NST.
It's not a zip file. That's a quirk of your file associations and possibly that you don't have "known filetypes" visible ?
That file is the ISO file which you should burn with Imgburn.
Terry60, Thank you for that information. I ran into another problem, when I use my disc, it begins windows recovery, but my computer asks me for missing drivers? Thought they were on the disc, guess not, well, appreciate the help!

It goes into the "load drivers" screen if it can't find a Vista to repair.
Try disconnecting any other HDD. Sometimes it gets confused if there are other HDDs, especially if there's a mix of SATA and IDE.
You can also try "next" on the screen which fails to find your Vista without making a selection.
Sometimes that makes the 1st repair, and Vista magically pops up, allowing you to select it on the subsequent "startup repairs" (You'll need to do the repair 2 or 3 times to fix everything - it only does one thing at a time)
The only drivers required are SATA/SCSI if they're not already one the DVD.
Terry: Can I disable the Hdd in Bios or do I have to open the machine and physically disconnect?
Cravistaz: Could you tell me where to get the drivers? Are they generic or Hdd specific?
Thanks in advance for answering.
Welcome to NST Free,
I've always physically disconnected the other HDD(s) when wanting to be sure that a specific disk is definitely the only thing visible, but I suppose disabling in the BIOS would work if it gives you the option.
If won't take long to find out if it gets you past the problem (It doesn't really need drivers, it's just confused when it thinks the OS is not there)