Vista x64 restore... With SATA and SP1

hi, here is what happened:

I needed more space on my C-partition which boots vista 64-bit with sp1 from a sata drive (only). So I used GPART to adjust it and that worked, until reboot...

I spent the whole day figuring out what went wrong because when booting it keeps giving the same error over and over again:

... windows boot manager failed to start ...

1. insert your windows installation disc
2. boot from that disc
3. choose repair

error file c:\windows\system32\winload.exe

Status: 0xc0000225
I downloaded the x64 version of the recovery cd but when I boot from it, it keeps on spinning. I'm afraid it can't find the sata-disk or such, or SP1 keeps it from doing something.

Is there anyone who knows what to do or is this the end of my current vista installation? (I really hope not !!)


ok, an update: I really think that he can't find my SATA-disk or something. I tested it with both the "windows vista x64 recovery cd" and the original "windows vista x64 ultimate" cd, and they both boot up but then the screen stays blanc while the disc keeps reading. I'll leave it on whole night for now, but don't think that's gonna help.

Maybe: I read something about "easybcd" before. Since I can't access windows recovery console and I cannot use the DVD (doesn't find my harddisk"):

is there a way to gain access to the boot manager of windows vista using a live linux cd (and which one had stuff like easybcd in it?)?

still hoping it will be ok, one day...
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Hi Fledermaus, welcome to NST.
Have you read this thread
I suspect that you've used a partition manager not compatible with Vista's adoption of the latest standards, rather than letting Vista shrink the partition itself.
I thought that this situation would be irretrievable by any other method than a complete reinstallation from scratch, but the poster got advice from his OEM that fixed his problem.
See if it works for you.
Fledermaus, if the above solution is similar in your case (running a dell and your hard drive is operating in AHCI mode), change to SATA mode, but test to see if you can boot Vista before resorting to a re-install. It might work as I know as a fact Vista well run under both modes just fine, it is just how the partitions are structured or how the OS is installed that determines which mode you can boot it in.

ok thanks: I somehow managed to access the repair cd like written in the procedures. Seemed like the dvd from windows vista ultimate is not the ideal thing to restore from. I used another dvd-station and another dvd with vista x64 on it and that worked out fine, except :tongueout: :

I had 4 partitions:
c: system (seems OK)
d: applications (NOT OK)
e: games (NOT OK)
f: data (seems OK!!)

Now, when I go into computer managment, disk management, then I can see both missing partitions. But when I right click on it, there is no way I can de ANY action, except delete both of them.

Is there a way to "restore" these partitions too? That would be great !!

If the partition tables are lost there is no way to restore them to a previous state. Your best option is to create new partitions and use a Recovery File software to get your Data back.