Vista x64 System Recovery.


My operating system has just recently gone kaput. I'm not sure why, but when I try to turn on my computer, it tells me that there is an 'error loading operating system'. I have booted up Slax from a CD and all of my files are still there. So, I got myself a recovery CD.
However, I am unable to repair my computer. when I click on 'repair', it asks me to select the operating system I want to repair, and then gives me an empty list. It tells me to 'load driver' if I am unable to see the partition I wish to select.
That box is the one I am talking about, except mine is empty.

I can't find the drivers for my hard disk though. I have an Acer Extensa 5620-6396. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
Hi Jon,welcome to NST.
2 suggestions.
1. From my personal experience, "no system to fix" when you know it's there OK, can be due to having an IDE disk connected when the system is on a SATA disk. Windows and the BIOS seem to have trouble agreeing what order they come in. Temporary disconnection of the IDE should make the system visible (and fixable) again.
2. If the above doesn't apply, I've seen it reported on here that carrying on without selecting a system to fix has resulted in a successful conclusion regardless.
Good luck.
When you say "all of my files are still there", does that include the Windows folder etc ?
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It is a laptop, so I have not changed hard drives or added extras or anything, and continuing without selecting a disk did not help. And yes, my windows folder is also still there.
Try booting the recovery disk into the recovery console and chkdsk your hard drive to see if it can find and fix whatever's stopping progress.