Vista, XP and more than one Linux....


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Okay. I must be one of these people that is asking too much but I was looking for a single screen boot loader that was easy to configure.

I have downloaded EasyBCD 1.52 and had it working with XP and Vista no problem and added Fedora Core 6 without too much of a glitch using Neosmart's instructions. However, I have now tried to install Xubuntu with Grub on the bootsector, obviously not the MBR. I added the correct partition on ADD ENTRY with Grub option selected.

The result is bootable Windows and now both the Fedora and Xubuntu installations hang on a blank screen with a flashing cursor. My previous attempt at this (from a backup thank god) involved reinstalling Grub to the bootsectors of my Linux installations which resulted in the \NST\nst-grub.mbr missing error which apparently is corrected in Version 1.6........ which is where?

It seems that you can only have one version of Linux installed at a time but this is going to be a problem as the end result I need is Windows, Fedora, Slackware, Xubuntu and FreeBSD booting from one screen.

Has any body managed to solve this problem withou having to reinstall Linux all over again?

Many thanks.
OK, here's the thing:

You can have only one copy of GRUB but as many Linux installs as you like.
So you would set it up the way it was when you had only Fedora, then add (from Fedora's menu.lst) Xubuntu and Slackware. If you want to use FreeBSD via GRUB you can add it there too. Else you can install FreeBSD Loader to the FBSD bootsector and add it from EasyBCD.

Make sense?

We just updated the Linux instructions, use these to recover your GRUB. Follow the instructions with Fedora in mind :smile: