Vista - XP Dead in the Water!

I made a mistake in my neogrub config file, and now I cannot get either XP or VISTA to boot!

I have tried to fix vista using my vista install disk, but it says it cannot repair it!

I have 2 choices on boot:

"Vista Ultimate" --> lead to a "cannot run autocheck and then continuous reboots"
"Neogrub" --> "unrecognized partition table for drive 80... rebuild using fdisk."

All I want at this point is just to be able to boot back into VISTA before I have a breakdown!

any help is very appreciated!
Hi jcuticchia, welcome to NST.

Unhide all the drives you previously hid with NeoGrub, should be good to go.

I wanted to do that, but I can't get to the file. Would it be possible for someone to give me some directions??? Sorry, I haven't figured this out yet!!!