Vista/XP dual boot nightmare!!

Hello, 1st my system:
intel e6600 core 2 duo
gigabyte g965-dq6 mobo
4gb ocz memory
nvidia 7600gt
1 wd caviar se sata Disk "0" in BIOS
1 wd caviar se sata disk 1 in BIOS
2 disk raid array 74gb raid0, 197gb raid1(wd caviar se sata's) disks 2 & 3 respectfully as seen by BIOS

Let me say that 2 months ago I had xp/vista dual booting perfectly. I had xp installed 1st on disk "0" then installed vista on disk "2" and all was bliss UNTIL I shutdown for a thunderstorm (before it arrived) when I rebooted into xp I had no keyboard input and struggled with that till all sanity was gone. I tried everything, even went to "experts exchange" no one could help, finally reformated and reinstalled XP only to lose vista bootability. I have been trying now for 6weeks to get back to that blissful place.
My current situation is this: I used acronis disk cleanser 6.0 to wipe disk "0" and "2" and thought it was sucessful however Apparently disk "0" did not wipe. I installed XP on 74gb raid(disk 2) and it's working great. I then tried to install vista on disk "0" and it loaded files but after 1st shutdown during install it never continued. thats when I discovered that the wipe did not work, it created a .oldwindows file. so I have no vista Yet!! I have seached both disks and my xp has NO boot file reference at all. Disk "0" has a WINDOWS~BT file with sub folders Panther, which is empty. It also has a 2nd folder, in that folder I found a subfolder called "bootmbr" and another called "bootsec" So my questions are these; If I wipe disk "0" will I lose bootability to xp? And is there anyway to copy or move these folders somewhere and then try to reinsall vista on disk "0" and recopy these to vista root and also be able to boot xp? I can live quite nicely without vista, but I need xp to run all my programs. I know this was long winded but I wanted to give as much info as possible. I have also made a backup image of my xp install using True Image 10, but if my boot files are on "0" then even if I use this image I wont be able to boot it, Correct? If all else fails I am prepared to try the wipe and reinstall of both systems again. Thanx for taking the time to read this, hope you can help me:??:??