Vista/XP Dual boot problem

I successfully installed Vista Ultimate and XP in a dual boot config. and it worked for quite a while. I started having problem with Vista not wanting to load and I would run the Vista DVD install/fix and using the boot fix, it would work again but now it tells me I can't fix the problem and it won't recognize any restore points that I have made. The Microsoft Diagnostic tells me that a patch is preventing Vista from booting. One of my students told me the Prof about FreeBCD and I just need to ask...can it help me and if so how. I downloaded the info about BCD and Boot INI and the problems that can be caused and tried to rebuild it via instructions from Knowledge base but it still won't boot. I really need my Vista back and if it means dumping the XP install I will. Anything you can suggest is greatly appreciated.
Hi Fred, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

EasyBCD (I think that's what you were referring to?) is used for modifying and using the Vista bootloader - it only pertains to getting Windows Vista to be located and loaded by the MBR/BCD.

If your problem is with Vista not be found, then EasyBCD is what you need. Else if your problem is with a corrupt/broken Vista install, it won't do the trick.

Most unfortunately, Microsoft has disabled the option to repair install Windows Vista, and as such, if it's totally broken and no repair/restore points exist that can fix that functionality, you're only option is to perform a clean install of Windows Vista.
thanks for the info

I think its mor the former than the latter as it worked before but from what I have read on MS's web site is I have a conflict between boot.ini and bcd. I think I will give EasyBCD (you are right that is what I meant) and the worst that can happen is nothing. If I can't get Vista to boot, can I install EasyBCD to load in the XP part of the dual boot and fix the problem? Any guidance given is greatly appreciated.:smile: