Vista/XP Dual boot setup questions


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Hi friends,

I want to ask several questions regarding dual-booting XP and VISTA.
Actually, I have bought new Laptop with Windows VISTA installed on it.
After that, I installed Windows XP and thought it will be easy after XP installation to make dual-boot from both operating systems but now I'm experiencing some problems.
I've installed both Operating Systems on different partitions on my HDD.
But now, after Windows XP Installation, I cannot run my Windows VISTA OS because its not shown on the boot menu.
I've tried modifying the XP's boot.ini file but nothing.
Also, I cannot use EasyBCD on XP and I cannot load Vista at all.

How to load VISTA now? And... How can I make dual-boot successfully?:frowning:

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Hi Hajan, welcome to NST.
When you install XP after Vista, XP is not forward compatible and will not recognize Vista.
You cannot put Vista in the boot.ini, that's for XP only.
What you need to do is repair the Vista boot process, and it will recognize XP (It is backward compatible).
This is all described in the wiki. Follow the instructions starting here

If you want to follow the instructions to repair with EasyBCD from XP, you must install NET 2.0 framework on XP before EasyBCD can run.
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