Vista XP Dual boot with HnS

Brian G

I have after some considerable time restored the Vista Dual boot and XP.
To take the advice of the forums I also installed HnS and set the boot time in Easy BCD to 0.
When I try to access Vista HnS displays the message
"Windows could not start please reload Windows root>\system 32\ntoskrnl.exe -
It may not be an HnS problem as Vista was installing updates immediately after I made the change
Has anyone got any idea how to get Vista back without starting again?
Any help would be appreciated
Hi Brian,
Did you ever get a successful boot with HnS ?
Or dId you install it, then do updates, then try a reboot which failed ?
Can you get into XP ?
If so, is Vista hidden ?
If Vista is not hidden from XP then it looks like you didn't correctly identify the Vista partition to HnS, in which case can you see and post the menu.lst file which HnS created in the root of your active partition.
I got a successful boot from HnS prior to setting EasyBCD to 0.
Vista is now hidden And cannot be sen from XP
It may be that Vista deleted the file during it upgrading
Brian, It seems that HnS is working fine, but that when you select Vista the Vista boot is broken. HnS sits on top as a top level boot manager and chains to bootldr for Vista and NTLDR for XP, and they do the booting of their respective systems as per normal.
In this case only the HnS/NTLDR route for XP (with hides) is working.
You'll need to boot Vista via HnS (it will fail, but it should execute the unhides first), then boot from your Vista DVD and "repair my system" / "repair startup" as many times as it takes (usually 2 or 3) till Vista will boot unaided again.
Once you're back in Vista, you'll need to run the HnS UI again to put HnS back in charge (but you've been there before so should know how to do all that.) One word of caution. HnS being still officially pre-Beta is not as tidy as it will be in release format, so you might need to clean up HnS files from your active partition. (It will probably see bits of itself, and think it's already there but be unable to go back or forward because it's neither there nor not there - hence a probable need for a manual cleanup before it will run again)
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This is kamron,I have found a program called "EasyBCD" that adresses this very issue. While it is obviously the solution, I am presently trying to make sure I understand how to properly implement it. They have a support forum, frequented by the developer himself and they've been very good about answering my questions.
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