Vista XP Dual boot with Neogrub now STOP error


I finally got XP to load on the 3rd partition and run it as C drive by hiding the VISTA Partition from it per the help document on this site. Though now I try to boot in to Vista it says
Autocheck not found skipping autocheck

then it goes into a STOP error 0x0000021a cause due to 000003a
I search MS site and it mentions GoBACK as the cause of it. Would installing neogrub cause this, as now I cannot get into VISTA at all

I have aLenovo T61P

Welll I booted from vista dVD , I went to command prompt and the C drive I see is XP's
hoe can I unhide the vista part now?

how can I switch back and forth?
I want the XP drive visible from Vista, but Vista drive hidden from XP , but I want both to be bootiung and using C drive as their system drive


thanks for your help
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oklay I got back into VISTA, I had to use Acronics disk director to unhide vista partition,
I am trying to do this now
How can I select Neogrub to give me options.

I have one entry per the help document to hide vista nad boot to XP

then I
want create a second entry to unhide vista part and boot into VISTA

it says hide (hd0,1)
chainloader (hd0,2)/ntldr

the other
it says
title Unhide Vista
unhide (hd0,1)
chainloader(hd0,1)/NTLDR (what should I HAVE here so it boots to vista
As Mak said Kojigushi, HnS (Vista Hide 'n Seek) is now the Neosmart approved way to hide Vista from XP.
It will do all the working out and implementation for you, and avoid the sort of problems that using Neogrub hides can get you into.
It's also a much better way of dual booting with hides, because it does everything in a single boot menu instead of the 2-stage boot which Neogrub will give you.
But for information only, the question you ask is the same one I came here for last year (HnS didn't exist then). The answer is contained in my first ever post here.
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