Vista/XP dual boot


Hi, I am new to the forum but, the problem I have seems pretty common and not new.

I just got a new laptop with pre-installed Vista. I decided to dual boot with Xp.

1). booted from Gparted

2).got some sort of error used chkdsk /f

3). got my partions

I figure, like many others, I shutdown Vista, then installed Xp(was this a mistake?)

Now I have Xp and a corrupt vista bootloader(MBR or so)

I tried EasyBCD before finding this forum.

I think there is something I need to know, and therefore need help.
You need to install EasyBCD in XP, go to the bootloader management tab, and press reinstall vista bootloader.
Thanx Guru,
After Re-installing Vista bootloader in EasyBCD(from Xp), I get a black screen at boot(Windows Boot Manager), that I have a corrupt boot. Cool I still have the option to select which OS after that, then I get back to Xp.
Is there anything else I could look at, like, EasyMBR or so?
Oh well, I twicked the EasyBCD Boot configuration and I was able to boot into Vista. Guess what. Now I can't boot in to Xp. And I get the same error that I got when booted in to Xp.

Also I get Error when I start EasyBCD(can not automatically detect the Letter of my boot device )
Does this mean I set my boot configurations wrong?
Oh. Now it's working. I had to assign the same drive letter to both OS's in Bootloader configurations(EasyBCD). I had also manually added the other operating system the boot.ini file. I noticed after opening both boot.ini files that, even though they show different drive letters, they have the same content.
Well, I removed the other OS from the file and assigned the vista partion to the vista boot.ini

Vista is also not not running as smooth as before. I had to report some errors.

Never the less, they are botth bootable now. Yay

One more thing, how do I get internet to work on the xp partition
I don't think that has anything to do with the dual-boot problem you experienced, internet/networking is an entirely different issue.
If you need help with that, please start a thread in the "Legacy Windows" forum.

Anyway, glad you got the dual-boot going :smile: