Vista / XP - Multiboot


At the moment I have 4 OS installed, Vista / XP (Work) / XP (Games) / XP (Test)
I can boot into all OS through the Vista bootloader using EasyBCD (great program!!!) I've used EasyBCD to create a discription for the XP's but each time I choose any of the 3 OS, the same boot.ini shows up (which is on the Active partition), regardless of the drive I set in EasyBCD

My Question is, is there a way to show all 3 XP's on the Vista Boot Screen and boot them using seperate boot.ini's for each xp.

Sorry if thats a bit vauge

Hi Philip, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

I'm afraid this is a physical limitation of the way NTLDR and Windows XP work - you can't boot into XP directly, you must go through NTLDR and Boot.ini.

We tried to work around this for more than a whole year; but we just had to give up in the end, Microsoft designed it in a way that makes it literally impossible.
Yeah, I'm sorry too...

If you end up finding *anything* please let us know, we'd love to implement such a feature (even if it's a lot of work).