Vista + XP on same partition


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I installed Xp 1st on C, and when I installed vista the XP Windows folder was renamed to Windows.old and the boot.ini to boot.ini.old. Now, I don't know if I should rename the boot.ini and add in this line
the .old, like this
Would this work, after adding XP to EasyBCD?
XP will not be able to be used after being named .old. The files and folders and the boot will not work. It will try to boot Vista which is now named Windows.
what you've done is replaced XP with Vista, not added it as a second option. (the OLD folder is provided for a limited period, to give you the option of restoring the old system if you change your mind)
If you're trying to create a dual boot, read the wiki guide, starting here
You'll need separate partitions with a windows folder in each.