Vista-XP problems


Toshiba laptop has 2 hidden partitions as well as it's main one.(Vista)
I created another partition & installed XP in it.
For some reason all three original ones are primary but XP is logical.
I'm guessing logical can't boot therefore can't be added by easyBCD?
Any ideas other than deleting one of the hidden ones?
Is 3 primaries the limit?
Hi brumer, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

4 primary partitions is the limit. You actually have 4: there is one dedicated to storing extended/logical partitions in it.

Your only solution is to get rid of the hidden partitions or demote Vista a logical partition and installl XP in its place.

Vista can be loaded from logical partitions, but XP cannot.

If you use a decent partition partition manager like GParted, you might be able to get rid of the final primary partition that holds the logical ones and replace it with a normal primary partition and install XP to there.
Thankyou so much for you quick answer.
I've considered all options and at this stage have decided to simply get another HD & install XP on that. Unfortunately this particular Toshiba isn't like My Tecra model that has quick release trigger but at this stage it is unlikely that the customer will want Vista until each winter. (off season for fishermen)
Due to warranty etc etc I decided to leave original files & partitions as they were.