Vista/XP/SUSE-Linux 10.1 W/Acronis boot Selector


Installed Vista Ultimate,then Windows XP Pro,then Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0.
But when i select Vista or XP on Acronis boot selector,next still i have the Vista and XP choice option window.
Anyway to get rid of this annoyance ?
After i installed SUSE Linux 10.1.
Linux boots Ok,But again have the option to boot the other OS's from the welcome window (but boots Linux as default)

Thank you Vic :|
Computer Guru said:
You'll have to use EasyBCD

From the bootloader management section, reinstall the vista bootloader
Add an entry for SUSE from the add/remove -> Linux/BSD section.
With this procedure only moved up Vista in the windows boot menu.
What i am looking for is:Get rid of the second boot menu.
Just select a OS on Acronis boot menu and go.
Is working fine on a different PC,with Vista,XP Pro english,XP Pro Italian,Mandriva Linux.
If i delete in Vista the boot.ini file for XP,will Acronis pick up the same OS ?
Thanks Vic
I don't know, I don't use Acronis.

On this PC here though, I have 3 entries in my Vista boot loader menu that boot directly into Vista, XP, and Linux.
The Vista bootloader is the only bootloader.

Uninstall Acronis, then do it that way.