Vista/XP System Restore Discussion

Mak 2.0

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I take it that this piece of code is a bandaide for Microsoft not wanting to put any work into XP destroying all the restore points, all the shadow copies and all but one of the previous versions.
I cant agree with this. Because at the same time Microsoft is trying to get people to switch to Vista. If you keep giving reasons for people not to switch why would they? It is the same tactic why they are not releasing DX10 for XP. That is one of the major draws to get Vista users. Gaming. If you take that away from Vista you have no real perks from a basic user stand point to upgrade to Vista. The GFX can be mimicked thru Windowblinds and a couple other apps. DX10 would be ported over and then what is left?

Granted there are several things in Vista that are not in Xp and could never be. The networking among other tools. But the thing is most of the upgrades to Vista are under the hood. Many people do no realize this. They just see the GFX and DX10.

But this app does look great it will be very useful to those who want to go this route. Honestly to me i turn off system restore and all that stuff. If i get into a bind. Either a LiveCD or a re-install.:??
^ same here :smile: (about disabling system restore)

But I disagree - this is clearly a bug caused by upgrading to Vista (after all, the only people who benefit from this fix are people who already purchased Vista in the first place; threfore, MS doesn't lose any converts by fixing it - to the contrary, they make upgrading a more appealing prospect!) and they should take responsibility for it, IMHO :smile:
Well true. I am looking at it from several different points of view. True it is because of the upgrade to Vista this happens. But in XP there are several bugs when it comes to System Restore. I know of several people who lose them even without having Vista at all. I have had several occasions myself where i didn't turn them off and even my restore points were corrupted. So honestly i think it goes a bit deeper than just a upgrade issue. I think it honestly goes to the root of the restore process. Which i think they have done a better job of with Vista since you have more backup options in some of the versions. Which i dont even want to get started on. :grinning:
Thanks for bumping us back on topic Sargy :smile:

Mak I don't see it as an issue for people that run XP only people already running Vista, it doesn't bother me enough to hide a good portion of my files from myself. I would like to discuss it and some other things further though. I'll start a thread over in the Vista Corner.
Well it was pointed out to me that it was the Vista ones that are being destroyed. While my thoughts are toward the lose of the XP restore points.
Aha I see, thats one of the reasons they updated it, and if you have ever run Server 2003, the restore points and shadow copying are closer to Vista than XP, so I believe that may have been the test bed for the modified system used in Vista. My thoughts are that its probably more than a simple patch and may have more to do with a total revamp of the XP file system to actually get it working correctly. That's why they aren't fixing it