Vista + XP two different HD's


Hello, nice to meet you all

yes, i have been having a problem, i cant seem to get XP working, i had Vista already installed on the 1st HD, OEM installed.
just got a new HD from my mom, she was using it and gave it to me, so i know it works ((2nd HD in there now))
im using the latest version of the Beta to get the dualboot working... but its not
when i hit win XP it just goes to "An unexpected error occured" u know... i tried all the options, (start windows normally ETC.) and everytime it just reboots my comp, sometimes i get a blue screen that pops up for like 0.01 seconds lol

the first HD is - SATA
the second is - IDE

any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

thank you in advance
Did your mum give you a HDD with XP already on it ?
Just because XP booted in your mum's PC, doesn't mean it will boot in yours.
An installed OS contains a set of drivers for the hardware it was installed on, which won't match the environment it's moved to.
When you select XP from the boot options, immediately start tapping F8, before you see anything else.
That will interrupt the chain to the XP NTLDR and bring you to the XP extended boot menu.
Choose the "no automatic restart" option and the failed boot should stop on the BSOD and allow you to read the error message.
Post back if you need more help.
thats exactly what i thought, is there anyway to remove the drivers from my main HD?
uhm, it might be a while before i can post the BSOD error, ive got school soon =( lol but TY TY for ur help.

also i have done the autoconfigure thing, not to be rude but did u read my post? im not having a problem with the boot menu.... but ty for replying none the less

one more thing, if u could teach me how to remove the drivers without doing a full reinstall then that would be great since i dont have the original disk anymore... :grinning:
Unfortunately, the only way to get the correct set of drivers for your PC is to do a repair install of XP, using a genuine MS XP CD.
If the XP came from an old PC with a pre-installed OS, then it will have an OEM EULA, which ties it irrevocably to the original hardware it was supplied with, and even a repair install won't help.
The post-install activation will fail because it will see the new hardware, and MS will decline to give you a new validation key unless you pay them for another XP licence.
The only kind of Windows OS you can take with you from one machine to another (and can only be on one at any time), is a retail copy you buy in a shrink-wrap box with a product key label attached.
Any copy that comes pre-installed doesn't belong to you as such, but to the hardware it came with. (That's why OEM system-builder copies of Windows are so much cheaper than retail copies)
ok, well ty ty, i think my mom still has the CD, not 100% sure though, ok well ill try and get it from her and reformat... i just find it odd that it gives me a BSOD when it was working fine on her comp, i mean it doesnt even try to start up, i hit start win xp, and BAM! right there it either BSODs on me or just restarts

but yeah ty for ur help, ill be back if i have anymore problems <3
Probably your PC contains SATA HDDs and your mum's has IDE, so as soon as it tries to do anything, it lacks the hardware drivers to get more than a fingerhold on its environment. If you can come up with the XP CD, and it pre-dates SP2, even the CD won't have SATA drivers (they came in SP2), and you won't be able to reinstall XP without getting SATA drivers on a floppy and using F6 to pre-load them before the Install can progress.
would temporarily unplugging the SATA HD thats in there work?
then setting mine as the main HD then getting the drivers and plugging the sata back in
also i was wondering what a good config for the HDs are like master/slave and all that, any ideas but yeah TY TY:grinning:
one more thing, where would i go abouts finding the sata drivers?
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There will be other drivers for the mobo chipset, the graphics adapter etc which won't match, but if you're in the mood to experiment, by all means try booting with the SATA disk disconnected. It might get further, but it will still not work without revalidation, so don't get your hopes up too much.