Vista/XP/Ubuntu GRUB to Vista Bootloader


Hello, I have just completed installing a triple boot system with Vista/XP/Ubuntu in that order. I currently boot into GRUB and can choose from Ubuntu/Ubuntu Restore/unknown/Other OS's/Vista. If I choose Vista then I get the Vista Bootloader where I can choose between XP/Vista/Ubuntu. When I choose Ubuntu I get an error message that I will post here in a few minutes. I don't like GRUB and would like to use the Vista Bootloader to choose between all my OS's. I would prefer not to have to use GRUB at all. Thanks in advance!
Hahaha, what do you know... here's my very similar situation.

I installed in this order, like this.

hd0,0 -> 250GB -> XP MCE
hd1,0 -> 250GB -> Vista HP
hd2,0 -> 50 GB -> Ubuntu Feisty Fawn x64
hd2,1 -> 1 GB -> (Linux swap partition)
hd2,2 -> 50 GB -> Fedora 7 x64

Yes, ubuntu's GRUB sucks. Fedora's GRUB is much nicer, though. I'm told that OpenSUSE's is really nice.

Anyway, here's the point.

Try out EasyBCD, if you haven't already, and that will let you edit the Vista BCD thingie-ma-bob so that you can have XP, Vista, and Ubuntu on there. Easy as pie. Click partition, it adds all the appropriate info (I LOVE YOU NEOSMART! YOU ROCK!).

As for MBR and switching the Vista booter to be first and Ubuntu to be second (and preferably non-existant), that's my next project as well. I'll update you.
Hello DemonIIIK and KraigR, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Demon is right - those steps should work just great.
As for the MBR: EasyBCD | Bootloader Management | Reinstall Vista Bootloader should do the trick! :smile:

To bypass GRUB completely, when adding a Linux entry in EasyBCD 1.61 beta (see the stickied thread for a DL link), choose the "GRUB isn't installed" option - it'll skip about a zillion different things :smile:
That worked great for me guys! I now have Vista's Bootloader first and then when I hit Ubuntu it brings me to grub. So thats fine for now and I don't have to look at it every time I boot. Thank you both!