Vista / XP / XP?


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I currently have a Vista/XP dual boot set up on a single HD. The HD is broken up into three partitions:

- Vista OS
- shared 'data'

I picked up a second HD with the intent of adding at least one more instance of XP. I used EASEUS Disk Copy to clone the XP OS in a partition on the new HD, but haven't worked out how to get EasyBCD 1.7.2 to find this second copy.

Will this even work? Or do I need to actually install the OS fresh on each new partition? Is my plan flawed from the outset since the original XP OS is drive D: and the new partition is drive H:?

Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build
Delete the XP entry from your BCD
Add it again, let Easy2 auto-configure XP when it offers.
It will detect both XPs and create a new boot.ini describing them both
You will get a second boot menu if you choose XP from the first, this second menu allows you to choose which XP you want.
(that's the MS design of legacy boot support - you cannot have 2 different XP entries in the BCD)