Hi i booted up my laptop today its a Toshiba U300 and was greeted with:
''Start windows normally or
Start repair''

if i click on start normally it takes me through to a blue screen if i click on repair it refreshes and stays on the same screen.

i downloaded the vista recovery disc put on disc and booted it up

it shows a screen saying windows is loading files
then a screen with the green bar scrolling along the screen then i get a blank screen with my mouse pointer and thats as far as it goes!!

any advice??:x
Try holding down "0" as you power on, to enter the Toshiba recovery environment (or F8 possibly)
Looks like a reinstall is in order.
You can backup your data first, though, using a Linux LiveCD. Just boot the CD, select "Try Ubuntu with no change to my computer", then access your data through Places->Computer on the Ubuntu desktop.