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VistaBootPRO is officially deprecated. EasyBCD has taken its place!

VistaBootPRO 1.0 Beta has been officially released!

PROnetworks has just published VistaBootPRO 1.0 Beta, the ultimate Vista boot loader modification tool. It was my immense pleasure and honor to write VistaBootPRO for distribution by PROnetworks, and now NeoSmart Technologies is proud to provide support via these very forums for VistaBootPRO; as well as any bug reports and/or feedback, which will be taken care of as soon as possible, and forwarded to the right people, right away.

It can literally do anything with your Vista boot menu, and will in time completely replace bcdedit, but for now in this release there is still plenty to do, and much to learn. With VistaBootPRO 1.0, you can change everything and anything about how your boot loader looks, and what it loads, and where it goes with it. You can use VistaBootPRO to backup, export, modify, and restore the BCD registry at any time, and from any OS; so that even if your Vista won't boot, VistaBootPRO will!

Once you have it, you can ask for help; and please make sure to report bugs, and no matter what, let us know what you think!!

Direct Download Link: EasyBCD
Support Forums: NeoSmart Support Forums
TweakVista is and was a joke. It's now dead (only compatible with 5270), and as such, of no use.
Hey Nighthawk, it's been a while!
Thanks for that, I'm glad you like it, and thanks for those bug reports ^*^
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