VistaBootPRO 2.1 Beta

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Mak 2.0

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Okay just found this on FileForum. They are boasting about some new changes. Are these the same ones that were in EasyBCD 2.1?
Fixed bug which occurred on some systems when renaming entries
Added advisement to backup bcd file before making any changes
Adjusted font size on pages
Refined Check for .net 2.0 framework prior to installation
Updated backup file dialogs and default filename
Added code to check for valid partition before creating new entry
Updated Help File
Updated Codebase

If so i would really consider trying to find a way to put a anti rip feature or something with your code. Cause all they seem to be doing is just getting EasyBCD and just changing it a bit and calling it VBP.

Man how people like this really erk me to no end...

Just had to ask CG. If this is inappropiate ust go ahead and remove it.
Yep. All mine. Each and every one of them.

I have emails from them confessing to reverse engineering it....
I'm looking into it - nothing more I can do but get the truth out.
lmao - that *always* ticked me off too :smile:

I have no problem now telling you that they fought over it every day.
Should it be Pronetworks or Pro-networks or PROnetworks or PRO-networks....
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