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I have a second hard drive 3 partitions the 1st is the mac osx,the second and third are both logical and have the letters I and J.
Everytime I reboot computer vista tries to find drivers for these 2 partitions and if I click do not ask this again, I lose those 2 partitions and if I click find drivers , Vista never finds the drivers.

Any solutions.
Sounds like a pretty serious issue. The only thing i can say is try chipset drivers. That might be the only thing that could possibly work.
I'll try the chipset thing, I'll go to SIS site


Still does not work .
Id storage/volume

Any ideas
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Honestly i dont think there is a fix. If the chipset drivers didnt help any there is nothing more than can be done. Chipset drivers contain almost all the drivers for IDE/SATA devices. So that should ahve done it. Since it didnt there is no way to force Vista to install them.

Unless you try to extract the executable and go thru the device manager to install. But there is no guarentee that it will work.
If the chipset drivers aren't working, either they're not Vista compatible or your hardware is damaged..... :S
Ok Thks guys this is what I did I went to UPNP services and set that to automatic and then went to dependecies on that service and there were 5 services ,I went and set them all to automatic ,they were all at manual for some reason.
I now still get that install driver for volume at each startup but I also got back my 2 missing partitions.

Any ideas on what happened?

It could be several things. It coud be the OS X isntall corrupted the drive partitions. How did you shrink the partition or create the partitios? I knwo that Vista has a issue with Partition Magic and with such only the hidden admin account sees it correctly.

So honestly without knowing everything that was done we can not determine what could have possibly gone wrong with it.
OK thks for replies ,I got the problem fixed .I asked microsoft for a hotfix and downloaded that after I got a reply e-mail from them.
I then applied the hotfix and it went through 3 restarts and found all drivers for the hard drive and the generic volume.
It is now fixed ,what went wrong I do not know.

Thks for the help anyways.
Hi sorry I forgot to put that in there ,I was too excited that it worked.
It is one Hotfix # KB 937187.
I clicked on the update it checked around for at least 5 minutes then installed the update and I restarted 3 times, I just followed what it wanted me to do.
The 2nd one i posted is a updated fix. If you read what i had quoted it says that KB940199 replaces hotfix KB937187. Which means that there were some things added to KB940199 that were not in your hotfix. Jsut a suggestion. Since it worked i wouldnt worry about it.
You'll probably have to call MS to get it, as well.
Stupid, really... they should have given you the updated version in the first place.

But as Mak said, I wouldn't worry about it too much since it is working well now.