W10 back to native MBR

  • I Created a linux partition E: (same disk as te W10 Main partition C:
  • By using EasyBCD, I installed my Android iso and Grub on E: ( everything ok but Grub over W10 MBR, 2 different layers)
  • I want to keep the partition E: and W10 management of dual Boot....:wink: and remove the Grub (MBR part) .....Prior to do this.....

  • I restored my saved BCD not a hard task :wink:
  • It seams there is an easy way in EasyBCD " deploy BCD " on my C: Partition Done with success! :smile:

What to do next with my W10 partition MBR located on C: I know I have to reset it to the native W10 MBR

Now I'm a bit confused, maybe be due a translation issue (french)

What does the button " Ecraser la MBR" I guess means "Replace/overwrite the MBR " for the selected partition ( I guess in my case C: ?)"
1) Does it fix my issue about getting back to my original W10 MBR ?
2) What selection between Vista and upper or XP ?
3) What is the difference as I run W10 !!! ?
4) What is the best choice?

Thanks for your support....:smile::smile::smile:

"Ecraser" has in french so many different meanings can be also translated with Press, flatten crush, squeeze, step on, run over, stub out, blow out, mash, swat, weigh down, but also crash !!! I do not want to do any of these :smile:
I would suggest to use std french with a simple " Remplacer la MBR" (!!! Ceci supprime toute MBR préexistante) or by " Réécriture de la MBR " the additional comment means "(!!!This will remove any preexisting MBR")