W10 / linux dual boot problem - EasyBCD not adding lunux entry correctly


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I have win 10 installed on disk 1 and Kubuntu installed on disk 2. Grub is installed on disk 2 as I did not want to change the windows bootloader.

After a period of testing (in which I booted into Kubuntu via direct selecting disk 2 at bios boot selector), I wanted to add Kubuntu to the windows bootloader so I used Easybcd to add a Kubuntu entry (pointing at disk 2 - well that's the option I selected).

On restart, the windows bootloader gave me the two options as expected. Windows booted fine. Selecting Kubuntu however, throws me to a grub4dos screen with a blinking cursor and there it stays.

On further inspection I noted the entry in Easybcd for Kubuntu is pointing at C;\ drive:

Entry #2
Name: Kubuntu
BCD ID: {1ff90f1c-b8db-11ea-aa23-bc5ff495f49a}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \NST\AutoNeoGrub0.mbr

Any ideas why it's not pointing at the disk/partition I selected which has Grub installed?



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Are you using the latest version of EasyBCD (2.4) ?
Earlier versions run into grub problems when switching from a working Linux dual-boot to a distro which is newer than EasyBCD. (i.e. EasyBCD is unaware of architectural changes to the boot process which have been introduced in the new Linux)
2.4 is an upgrade of 2.3 which contains fixes for just such Linux distro changes.
Pointing at the NST folder on C is correct. bootmgr doesn't chain Linux itself, EasyBCD effects the chaining via that NST\ANG