W7 and XP Dual Boot Problem


Hi Guys I'm new to the forum and would appreciate a little help to get my dual boot up and running.

I've recently built a Windows 7 PC and it's working fine but I'd like to carry on using XP dual booted on the new PC.

I've installed EasyBCD 2.1 and have inow nstalled the hard drive with the XP in the new machine, and can see W7 and XP on the (new) boot screen when I switch on.

The W7 selection works as it should but I get nothing from the XP selection (I do get the 'Sorry, there's a problem...Start Windows Normally...Last Known Good etc. but no joy), and I've no idea what I need to do now to get it running.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

If the XP is just a HDD ported across from an earlier PC, you won't get it to boot on different hardware. The chipset and graphics drivers will be wrong and at the very least you'll need to do a "repair install" so that it can configure the appropriate drivers for the newer hardware.
That will only be possible if it's a full retail version of XP which you installed yourself. If it came pre-installed on a purchased PC, it will be an OEM license and the EULA ties it irrevocably to the hardware it came on.
Even if you can manage to repair install an OEM OS, it won't activate online, and MS won't provide you with a key by phone.