W7 Hangs at shutdown afte rsetting up dual boot with Ubuntu


I just finished setting up a dual boot with Ubuntu 11.04 with Easy BCD. Everything is working smoothly except now W7 hangs at shutdown. I have W7 Home premium on a Toshiba Satellite L655 laptop. Any ideas as to what I can do?

Thanks in advance
Are you sure it hangs and it isnt just taking time to shut down properly? How long did you leave it before you called it "Hung"?
Yes it wouldn't shut down for about 20 minutes and finally turned it off (hard boot). Then I decided that maybe the problem was with iReboot as I was using that to reboot. So I started task manger and killed it before restarting and viola it restarted ok. Once back in Windows 7 I rebooted with iReboot and it worked ok and hav had no problems since then. Not sure what this means...but there it is. :smile:
well it looks like I spoke too soon it is still hanging and not shutting down. ....weird and intermittent...any ideas (again)?
It isnt something we can recreate. So it has to be something specific with your system. Maybe iReboot is having a conflict with other software installed, we cant say for sure. I cant replicate the issue at all. The only thing I can suggest is remove iReboot and see if it stops this issue. If it does, you will just have to use the longer method of restarting and selecting your OS instead of using this program.