W7 has outsmarted me


despite my previous post, I decided against triple booting. my vista CD is now next to my ME CD cozy and such.

I installed W7 Ult x64 on SATA 0
I installed XP Pro x32 on SATA 1

now I'm stuck in XP, I attempted to use the Neosmart WIKI for installing xp after vista figuring it would be the same longhorn boot file

I installed the 2.0 framework
I installed EasyBCD beta latest build

when I attempt to open it (from XP) error is
"EasyBCD is unable to access the BCD store"
the boot configuration data store could not be opened

did I miss a step? that process worked flawlessly with vista & xp
EasyBCD looks for the BCD in the "active" partition of the boot disk.
Are you booting from the XP HDD ? There won't be a BCD for it to find on there.
Just put the W7 HDD first in the BIOS boot sequence, boot W7 and use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build to add an entry for XP. Let it auto-configure.
hey, thanks for the quick reply.

I did exactly that and XP loads again

W7 is plugged into the 1st SATA slot and selected to boot first in the bios

is it playing peekaboo ?

edit> I'm going to reinstall W7, probably a way around it but need to get familiar with the software anyways. and from that point I should be able to add the XP entry.
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In that case you must have regressed the W7 boot on the other HDD, so you'll need to boot the W7 DVD and "repair your computer" "startup repair" 3 times to recreate the W7 boot files. Then add an XP entry to the W7 BCD.
reinstalled W7 ran EasyBCD added XP all is working great. :tongueout:

in response to you post I ran the start-up repair 3 or more times then manual edit, still did not help. Thinking this might be due to corrupt installation due to a remote control media panel I have installed which is wired into the motherboard power switch. I don't think the installation was auto-restarting during install. I was out of the room

anywho thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it

now it's time for hours of configuration and tweaking