W7/OSX dual boot issues


Hey all,

I was hoping to get a hand with this problem, my set up follows. On hard drive #1 I first installed Vista. Later, I partitioned that same drive and added OSX 10.5.8. At some point, the Vista partition became corrupted and I can no longer boot into it. Next, I added a second hard drive and installed Win7 (64 bit). While installing, I (unfortunately) left HD1 plugged in; as a result, the Win7 boot files were placed next to those belonging to VIsta, on the corrupted drive (in other words, Win7 needs both drives plugged in to boot). Now, I can boot perfectly into Win7, but can no longer access OSX. I have installed EasyBCD, but have been unable to configure it to recognize OSX. I would ideally like to completely remove the corrupted Vista partition, leaving just Win7 and OSX on separate drives (and preferably not codependent).

Would the best solution to my problem be to move the Win7 boot files between the drives and then format the Vista partition or is there a better way to go about this?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi Jtr, welcome to NST.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 Beta | Diagnostic Center | Change the Boot Drive to move the boot files from Vista's partition to W7. Then you can format the Vista partition at your leisure.

To get OS X booting, you should be able to just a normal EFI-type entry under the Mac tab in EasyBCD, selecting the correct HDD number (starting at 0) your OS X is on (keep in mind drive values are calculated according to the BIOS, which is often different than what Disk Management shows), and it should be able to boot perfectly fine when you select the boot entry in the menu.


Hey Cool,

Thanks for the help, that worked perfectly to move the boot files. I am still a bit unsure of how to proceed with the OSX volume. I have pointing at drives 0 and 1 (the ones I figured OSX would be on), with no luck. Before I continue by trial and error, I wanted to ask: when I add an entry, then click on the Change Settings tab, I notice that the OSX OS entry is by default pointed at C: (the drive that 7 is on). OSX is on my second drive, which is comprised of the newly formatted space (Z:smile: and the OSX partition. In Settings, my drive options for OSX are C:, Z:, or BOOT. What should this option be set to? Thanks again!
You should point it at C:, like it was by default, before you changed it. :wink:
The reason is, C: in your case is the Win 7 partition, which is "system" according to Disk Managment (meaning it contains the boot files).