W7 system and boot on 2 different disks

First, i'll do my best to write and read in english ... :wink:

What's my problem ?
I run W7 which is installed on C:
I want to migrate to W10 but first, I need to create a "just in case" system image of what I have now. Wanting to proceed, I saw an really deep anomaly on my computer : W7 is installed on C: BUT the boot is installed on F:
Before I had W7, my computer was running XP and this XP was installed on F: At this time, F: was called C:
I bought a new HD and the seller partitionned it in two C: and D: He proposed me as a service
to install W7 on it and erase the disk that sheltered XP ... and now this is the result !

My Explorer shows this :

This "boot stuff" is only present on F: and NOT on C: anywhere !

I'd like to create a correct boot on C: then clean everything on F: to eliminate that "boot stuff" from it.
Is that approach OK to get a normal W7 ?
If yes, can EasyBCD help ?
If yes again, can someone explain me the way to do it easily ?

Thanks in advance ! :wink:


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Thanks a lot but it's too late, i've found another solution thursday afternoon, but without help from EasyBCD ...