W7 / XP NTLDR issue, still unresolved


I have been using easy bcd for years, I use it at least 5-10 times a month dual booting various configurations of os. lately -- it has been vista/xp, it has never let me down.

now for the first time i get the ntldr missing message when attempting to start xp.

when i restart i get the boot menu, and xp is listed, but i am only able to start in w7.

i looked all through the forum, and i can not find the ACTUAL fix.

windows 7 and xp are installed on 1 hard drive, that is partitioned in half.

i shrunk the drive in 7, then installed xp, then booted to the 7 cd, and did a repair installation, just as i normally do when using vista. i got the message regarding the missing ntldr.

i tried using the new 2.0 bcd beta, and it did not give me the message, but it did not fix the problem.

i have access to several xp machines, if i need to copy the ntldr file or something.
Which build are you using? Did you accept the offer to autoconfigure the boot re-adding an XP entry with the latest beta build?
i assume you mean under the 'tools' option. yes, i tried to auto config, it seemed to complete, without an error message. however, looking at either partition, i could not find either the boot.ini or ntldr (i did have show hidden files, and so protected etc.). needless to say on restart, i still had the same message.

i did end up fixing it -- here is what i did:

i went to the settings, and changes XP from c: to the correct drive it was installed on (in my case the partition was g:smile: i am not sure if this had anything to do with the end result or not, because i did one more thing.

i simply copied the ntldr from a working xp machine to a flash drive, and pasted it to the 'g:' drive. restarted and selected xp from the bcd boot menu, VOILA! works like a charm.

so the main question i have now is ... did changing the drive have any bearing on making this work -- or was it the copying of ntldr?