Want to learn Programming


Hello Computer Guru and others.I really like your programs and wish to be a programmer.
I have learn C++ console programming and all OOPS concepts at school.What should I learn to make GUI programs like you.Should I learn C#? Can you recommend some good resources.I want it easy on the GUI and as much C++ as possible coz I love loops and functions and classes but I can only make simple console programs with it.
I also find php very interesting and am confused, Can I do both programming and web designing at once?
Hi iamwow, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Once you learn one programming language, you've learned them all.

I started off with Basic, and now code regularly in C++, C#, and PHP, amongst others. I really recommend learning C# for making GUI applications - if you're good with C++, you'll find C# to be really, really easy. It's the same syntax, but with a much richer library, and makes creating GUI applications a breeze. It's near impossible to write GUI applications in plain C++, you'll need to use a library like MFC to make that easier. But stick with C#, it's better :smile:
WOW thanks for the super fast response!
I do not understand certain things like DLLs and many other stuff.Should I get a book to learn C#? Can you recommend me one? How did you learn? Would I need professional help or can i do it myself?
I've never used books to learn programming, nothing beats doing it yourself.
When you get stuck, just Google it.