Want to make Vista default OS but Vista MBR is f*****?

I recently installed OSX on a partition, everything went fine except when I went to reboot I had no bootloader. I installed linux on another partition, wrote the mbr with lilo, and could then boot into Vista, OSX, and linux. But I would rather use EasyBCD with the Vista bootloader.

When I try to run EasyBCD though I get these error windows:


It seems that you're using Windows XP, and the Windows Vista BCD hasn't been properly installed. Would you like to configure it now?
(Click Yes)


Generic Warning message saying am I sure I want to do this, and that I have to be running Vista.
(Click Yes)


EasyBCD has rewritten your MBR. In order for the changes to take effect, EasyBCD will now close. Please restart EasyBCD at your convenience blah blah blah...
(Click ok)

Now this changes nothing, I can reboot, lilo is still there, try running EasyBCD, I have to go through everything again.

Thing is I dont wanna repair anything and mess up my Leopard/Vista boot menu but I need to make Vista the default OS. Is there a way to do that? All the built in Vista boot things are corrupt. Any help is appreciated :smile:.
Is it possible that this will mess up my current setup though? It was a total fluke that it worked and I dont wanna ruin the whole dual boot menu!
It shouldn't mess up anything. If it does we can guide you back to getting a working dual boot again. That is what we are here for.