wanted to replace boot mentu from grub2(ubuntu) with EasyBCD. cant boot to ubuntu.

(i can boot into windows 7 :smile:)

i installed windows 7 first.
then installed ubuntu(12.04).
after ubuntu installed successfully, i got the grub2 boot menu and i could boot into ubuntu or windwos 7.
i wanted to replace the boot menu to the one windows using(didn't love the grub 2 look :smile:), so i follow this tutorial.
the problem is that after i write the "Windows Vista/7 Bootloader to the MBR" and rebooted, when i chose ubuntu in the boot menu, it get me to grub4dos command line, and not to the grub2 boot menu, where i can boot into ubuntu.
how can i fix it, and get into the grub2 menu, to boot into ubuntu and contunue the tutorial?

i'm using easy bcd 2.1.2

Try running the following commands in the GRUB4DOS prompt:

root (hd[B]X[/B],[B]Y[/B])
ls (hd[B]X[/B],[B]Y[/B])/dev
kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/sd[B]X[/B],[B]Y[/B]
initrd /initrd.img
where the bold "X" and "Y" represent the actual hard drive and partition values corresponding to your Ubuntu root ( / ) partition (which you should replace it with). Note that the 1st command will list the available device names of GRUB4DOS.
From there, run the 2nd command for each device name listed until finding one which says it has an ext2 filesystem type. After that, use that same device name in the 3rd command, which
should list the files in the /dev folder on your Ubuntu partition. If you can't remember the /dev/sdX,Y device name which was associated with Ubuntu during installation, then you can look at the
available device names in the /dev folder, and run the root=/dev/sdX,Y part of the 4th command on each device name you found in each iteration of the above commands in order, until you find the
right one. Otherwise, if you CAN remember the device name associated with the Ubuntu partition, then just enter that right away in the 4th command without bothering to enter in the 3rd command.

And with luck, you should be able to boot into Ubuntu.
After that, just run from Ubuntu's terminal (before rebooting or shutting down your computer):

sudo grub-install /dev/sd[B]X[/B],[B]Y[/B]
sudo update-grub
and type your password at the prompt, which should now make your Ubuntu bootable straight from the Ubuntu entry in W7's boot menu without having to manually enter any commands in again.

Basically, what I believe your problem is, when you installed Ubuntu, since you selected to install Grub to the MBR instead of to the Ubuntu partition, the Grub boot sector code was not written to
the partition, and thus cannot be chainloaded from EasyBCD's copy of NeoGrub (which is based on GRUB4DOS). Thus, the manual commands above which should load up your Ubuntu kernel
directly for the first boot.
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