Wanting opinion regarding BIOHD-4 boot error recovery


Hi all,

I have corrected an issue where my desktop was froze on a blue screen with white letters, would not boot or load windows. I corrected the problem with help- now I'm curious if my computer is okay, or if this is an indicator that I have a component failing and need to take action on. Appreciate any opinions, or knowledge on the matter.

I have an HP Pavilion m9500 desktop tower, running Vista 64 bit. A cpl days ago I found the cpu shut down, (it was on when I went to bed the night before), and it would not start up. It would go to a blue screen with white letters saying there was a boot disk issue, this screen would appear right after the HP screen with the options to hit F9, F10, F11, etc. I could not get past this screen, could not load anything in safe mode, then did a diagnostic as I suspected the Harddrive, (which was just replaced by HP a couple months ago, so its new), and it showed a BIOHD-4 issue. I researched that to try to find a way to get past the screen to recover my files if i could before trying to fix the problem myself or take it to be repaired. I found a few suggestions in this forum and one happened to be to go into BIOS and change the SATA port setting to IDE. I did this- mine was set to RAID. Once i did this i was able to get Vista to load back up and my computer seems to be functioning normally now! Obviously I'm relieved, but I'm curious if someone can explain to me why this has solved my problem, because I'm not quite sure what this fix was actually doing to correct the problem, or bypass an issue, and I'd like to know if there is a concern with any components that may be failing. Should I be concerned about the motherboard, or SATA connections or cables, or anything like that??

In a nutshell, I'm not too computer tech savvy and I do not know what RAID or IDE is, does, or what that fix exactly did.

Just wondering if I still need to take it someplace for get checked out.

Appreciate any help,


The problem was is that somehow it got set to RAID when it shouldnt have. RAID is only used in a multi drive environment like Terry said. Since you do not have that type of setup, it wouldnt work for you. Hence the issues you were having.

By changing the setting back to what it should have been, it all works. Now that doesnt mean that there is anything to worry about either. It could have jsut been a crash that caused the change, it could have been something else with the setup. It is difficult to tell for sure. But just know that you shouldnt have RAID set anywhere in a single drive setup.
Thanks for the explanation Mak, it makes sense! I was wondering if the settings had somehow gotten changed. TI believe the cpu did crash before the problem surfaced. I have been running fine with no issues ever since!!

thnks much!