Wanting to install..LINUX


Ok, so my machine is succesfully dual booting Vista and XP, however I wouldn't mind moving on to installing Ubuntu 8.10 however I have in the pass have had terrible issues with the Grub bootloader and it over riding Window's. Can anyone offer any advice on how to avoid this and having how my machine is setup now with XP, Vista & Ubuntu added on using the Windows loader?

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Are you attempting to install ubuntu on the same drive as XP and Vista are seen or across to one or more drives installed on the system? When going to install ubuntu you have to designate the root partition you create as the mount point to see Grub installed there and not in the Vista mbr. I ran into that one here.

Once installed you open EasyBCD later you then see NeoGrub installed on the Vista primary but check the "do not install in bootsector" box to avoid seeing NeoGrub replace Vista entries there. Then you simply select the drive/partition ubuntu is on to see that added into the BCD.
Personally, I'd recommend the method in the Wiki to using NeoGrub to boot Ubuntu - it's far more bulletproof and much easier to get going.
I followed your advice with not seeing NeoGrub installed into the boot sector on the Vista drive here by checking off that option CG and now ubuntu 8.10 64bit is loading right up when selected. I also just updated something else you will want to see on the other thread.
I printed of the wiki and wow that was easy, I'm on 8.04 becuase it was the version I had lying around but I may update it all. I am now tripple booting :O Actually thats a lie as I have to reinstall XP becuase I divided the partition XP was on into 2 to do this, but yes very good guide and thanks Terry...again :wink: