Wanting to reformat or install Win7 upgrade over the EasyBCD


Hi all I have my EasyBCD 2.0 beta and iReboot 1.1.0 installed into my W7 x64 and I want to reformat the partition and install W7 32 or just upgradw over it to have dual boot with both partition W7 32bit.
Is there any danger when I do so because the EasyBCD and iReboot has been installed in this W7x64 partition.
Thanks but the MBR is in the Win7 x64 that I want to reformat. After change the MBR to the other Win7 32bit, I will have to boot into it and have the EasyBCD installed. Am I correct?
Yes, you'll need to be booted into the one you're keeping and check that it now is "system" "active" and "boot".
That will leave the other one free to be formatted.
You don't need to have EasyBCD anywhere, (W7 will automatically dual boot your new installation) but you obviously will want to install a copy on your running OS if you want to use it to tidy-up your BCD.
Thanks Terry for this valuable knowledge that you share. I would want to plug in a portable hard drive USB to install Win7 32 bit. I think it is the best option. Can you please give some pointers as I am using the same USB drive to store the W7 setup files while installing it.
Your last post is very confusing, but if you're trying to install Windows to the USB drive: you can't.
Sorry for the confusion, I was thinking of reformatting Win7 x64 to install another Win7 32bit. But having some serious thinking about it, I want to add another drive to my PC instead and a USB drive seem a very good option.
I read that others a installing Win7 onto USB Drive. Do you mean that EasyBCD does not support that? Or what if I have it pre-installed and then plug into the system, will EasyBCD support the booting option?
By default Microsoft doesn't allow for Windows to be installed to any USB device. You have to hack and modify the install files in order to do this. Added into the fact that the USB Devices can change their order and location on a machine before the boot, means that they maynot always boot when you power teh machine on.