Warning about Hitman 3.x AV


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Warning about Hitman 3.x AV

This is just a warning from my experiences of using the application Hitman Pro 3.5 for testing. It was installed as Trial (30 days).

The outcome:
after installation and running several times even with restarting of the computer, I was getting BSOD's and was need to do a Startup Repair several times. The time between the BSOD's were shortening after each restart. Regarding the BSOD screen messages, it was the vsmraid.sys file which forced the BSOD. That file is used by BIOS for the MB's Raid system.
The final was that I even wasn't able to start Windows 7 at all, I was getting the BSOD directly.

Tried to do a System Restore to a earlier date but the wasn't work at all. The same were happens while using the Windows 7 DVD. I was able to do a Startup Repair but System Restore!

First action:
I was looking to use it's own Uninstall apps, which was there after installation but not anymore, it was just disappears. Ok, used the Control Panel uninstall which worked incl. of the deletion of the DIR in Program Files.
Restarted the computer: Worked one time but Hitman Pro was starting again to check! Restarted: BSOD again!

Second action:
I was change the settings to see Hidden Files and Folders and installed WinBubble for to take Ownership of the System Protected Folders and Files.
Under Program Data/Start Menu/Programs I found an other Hitman Pro Directory which contained 2 Link Files: Hitman Pro Startup and Hitman Pro Uninstall. I used to click on Hitman Pro Uninstall and after that I deleted the whole Hitman Pro Directory manual.
Next I started the Registration Editor (RegEdit) and searched for Hitman and had to delete more than 20 entries.
Restarted the computer: Now works fine!

So I was thinking that it would be a good idea to let all of you know what I had for experiences with Hitman Pro!!
To add a bit more about Hitman Pro 3.x!! The last experiences I had with tha program!

The last few days I had several downs with that computer which had Hitman Pro installed before (see my OP above!). Every time after such Crash, Hitman Pro was back and "scanning" again!! Even after searching the Registry again and again and deleted all "new" upcoming entries from the Registry and the HDD as well, that "beast" was coming back.

After the last crash today I was running a System Restore back to the date BEFORE the installation of Hitman Pro, I checked the Registry again and found again some entries. Same was on the HDD, some files were back again!!

Now I digged a bit deeper in the Registry and found also some entries (see attached picture for specific location) which I wasn't able to delete. Used to take the Ownership and set all Permissions to full, still I couldn't delete that entries.

I downloaded several different Registry Editors like Registry Editor 3.250 from Tonys Freeware and RegEditor from O&O and both were not able to find the entries of Hitman Pro in the Registration and also didn't allowed to access some areas of it. I downloaded Registra Registry Manager Lite and found with that another 56 entries of Hitman Pro which the Windows RegEditor even didn't found!!I were also able for to delete that entries with Registra Registry Manager Lite!

Within the next few days I'll see that those problem now is solved?! Hopefully YES!

From my point of view, creating such applications which force you to buy on such ways like to be unable to uninstall and if you try for to crash your computer, is nothing else as scamming!! I also ask myself: Am I the only one with such problem?

Hope my (bad) experiences help other and prevent someone for to face the same problems.

Regarding the attached picture: the back one is the Windows RegEdit while the front is Registry Editor 3.250 and I was searching for the same entries in both and were stuck at ENUM in Windows Registry Editor (same happen with RegEditor from O&O)


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No wonder you had so many problems. Their website looks cheap... It's weird seeing their software on cnet and softonic, at least thats how it says on their cheap website, I won't be testing their stuff.
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Sounds like Skum-Ware to me. I fix computers and I see this kind of crap all the time. Usually it's a sneaky through-the-back-door web drive-by shooting that gets a system crammed full of that stuff.

I can personally relate - I have spent - literally - days and days surgically removing every last thread of a virus or skum-ware program from the Registry.

Trust me, "Ahh Feel Yer Pain!"

I may have to go out and take a look at the Registra product - sounds like a useful tool to me.

Thanks for the heads-up!

This is a rather old thread but still relevant I suppose. I would caution anyone from using Registry Cleaners unless you know exactly what you are doing. Invariably they will eventually delete important registry keys and that's when you'll start to see malfunctions in software, hardware, even Windows itself.

I speak from years of personal experience and from helping others in various forums across the web..

If you must use one, then make sure it has a restore function should problems arise.
Fortunately, I didn't have any negative issues with the latest Hitman Pro trial, in both the 32 & 64 bit versions. I had it installed on XP Pro x64, XP Media Center x32 & Win 7 Pro x64. Found a ton of tracking cookies, but that was all.

Actually, SuperAntiSpyware does an excellent job of finding these type of things, plus some trojans. I have the Pro Lifetime version on 2 installs, and the free version on the rest.

I didn't mind running Hitman Pro for 30 days for free, but it's not worth the price for a year's subscription. If they made it a "lifetime" subscription, with lifetime updates & upgrades at a reasonable price, I would consider it. But not at $19.95 per year for what's a "second opinion" scanner. There are plenty of those apps for free (such as SAS, that I mentioned above) that will do just as good.