warning unrecoginised partition table for drive 80. please rebuild it using a...


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Hi, I got this message during grub boot selection screen.

warning unrecoginised partition table for drive 80. please rebuild it using a microsoft-compatible fdisk tool.

However, my dual boot between Vista and XP still works fine just that it got this error message. I wonder can I fix this error message from showing?

I tried use use EasyBCD and Reinstall Vista Bootloader, Recreate missing/deleted boot files (cannot because of existing file) and Reset BCD Storage and also boot into vista recovery cd and do a starup repair, command prompt and run bootrec.exe all 4 attributes of command like /fixmbr /fixboot but to no avail.

Is it must by sequence? Please advise :smile:
This message occurs before booting into grub boot manager and also after selecting the respective operating system.

I've google this and found out some user use EasyBCD and fix and it works for them but not all. I'm not sure whether should I use the FDisk utility as I thought FDisk utility is for the older OS?
They mean fdisk for Linux, not Windows.

But when dealing with MBRs and bootsectors - the golden rule is if it's only bothering you but not breaking anything, don't try fixing it....
Thanks, but out of curiosity to rectify this problem, I am making it more worse. I try some bootable all in one CD to repair MBR, repair partition table and in the end I can't boot into any OS as it shows black screen with _ blinking.

Luckily, I got Acronis Disk Director, I go in and take a look and found out my Vista become Unallocated Space, I was so shocked but luckily the program allows me to Recovery and now I am able to boot back to Vista.

However, my system is dual boot Vista with XP, disk director had detected error for my XP partition that the file/system is corrupted.

When I boot into Vista, I found out that my XP turns into a RAW drive. May I know is it possible to turn back the RAW drive back to normal drive so that I can access and boot into XP, or the only choice for me is to reclone my XP back :frowning: ?
Only choice is to clone XP back. Once it goes to RAW there is nothing left on the drive. You might be able to use recovery software but that will not give you a bootable and workable XP. Jsut clone it back.
Testdisk might be able to help you get the partition back. But if you have an image, re-clone it - it's so much easier.
Thanks for the reply, tried Testdisk and most of the features and can't seems to get back the partition. Got this error MFT and MFT mirror are bad. Failed to repair them. Google and found out PTDD and thought it could solve my problem by using the fixboot features of the program but still no help :frowning:

Google it and don't seems to have any chance to find any better solution rather than getting back the data from Recovery Software.

I guess my take will be reclone since I have a image of my Windows XP OS.
Just reclone and it works fine and the very first error message warning unrecoginised partition table for drive 80. please rebuild it using a microsoft-compatible fdisk tool is gone.

Btw, what does repair partition table means, it seems like corrupted my both OS though I thought it would help me to clear away the error msg :frowning:
The MBR contains a record of all partitions installed on the disk, including where they start & end, and what their filesystem is.

If that partition table is missing entries or has been corrupted or improperly modified, you'll see that message.
I got this error after updating Suse. It worked beforehand but following the update I got the "Unrecognised partition" error.

I had a look and it appeared that the Grub bootloader used by Suse had been updated and was pointing to the wrong hdd when looking for the Kernel files. Changing it back from hdd(0,5) to hdd(1,5) resolved the problem.
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