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I currently maintain a local club website. this website shows what we offer and what are the price plans and the features of our clubs.
the total members here are not more than 50.
but i want to add a feature to my website so that the members of my club can login to the website and go to a private area where they can see exclusive offers and special deals.
the admin (i.e. me) can add users manually.
Delvin, you'll either need to hire someone to write you a script that does what you need or else download a free forum like MyBB or phpBB and set it up to have a private forum that contains the info you want only your members to be able to access.
thank you for answering my question Computer Guru. Even though lots of people watched th question, none cared to answer.

Well, i cannot hire someone, so i am going to have to use the forum software.

by the way, will vbulletin be fine ??

i have heard it is good.
Yes vB will be fine. But it will be costly to get just to use for this purpose. You would be better off with something free that can run.


There is a good free forum that you can use. I use it myself and it is very good for what you want.

Plus many of the people who viewed this thread must have been guests. Cause this is the first i have seen it. :wink:

Exactly, like Mak says, a full-fledged forum is overkill for this and/or guestbook purposes.

Don't assume that everyone that's seen the thread has an answer or that they had the time to research your question - almost all posts here get answered, it just takes a bit of time sometimes.