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I took a day off last week (what ? nobody noticed !) and went to an airshow with an old mate who wanted to see some of the photos and vids I took.
Rather than email 150Mb (my ISP has a 10Mb email limit) I decided to use some of the "free" webspace I've been paying for in my monthly sub, so I experimented with their website creator to upload my stuff.
When I tried to edit the standard templates, a proportion of the facilities were "locked" (just enough to be really irritating) with an invitation to unlock them for an extra £3.99/month on my rental, preventing me from avoiding some very uncool picture frames, and not allowing me to add extra pages, or enlarge the ones provided.
Also it created the whole site as a big Adobe Flash construct, which doesn't display the pictures with any quality.

My question.

Do any of you website experts, know of a nice (free) website editor that will allow me to create a simple thumbnail gallery which will display the pictures as full size jpegs when clicked ?
I don't really want any other bells and whistles, just a way to upload my photos to my own webspace and have them viewable at full quality at the selection of the person viewing.

(better than this appalling lash-up - Ignore the page titles, that's another "locked" option, it's photos on every page)
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