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i need to implement a user-login sysytem in my website so that users can login and see private information. Visitors to the website wioll be told to contact the administrator to request a login id. Is thwere i free way of doing this?
i cannot hire a programmer to do it.

I have had a look at moodle (

and i loved it. but i will only be having 10 to 50 users. so is it the best choice or are there any good alternatives?

thanx in advance
Well i've implemented normal guest user accounts on my machine running IIS for requiring login to my web/ftp servers, but thats like for only about 4 users max. I'm sure you're using apache, so look for similar features. I'm sure someone here knows more about the apache side of things then I do, so check back if you're still having problems.
Check google for some kind of free script or something. Maybe talk to a coding buddy to make up something simple real fast.