Weird EasyBCD error?


I am currently trying to dual boot Windows XP with Vista with Vista installed first.
I has Vista installed and installed XP over onto C:\
So now Vista is on D:\ and XP is on C:\

EasyBCD isnt letting me run on XP.
I get the error:

" The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
The system cannot find the file specified

Would you like to manually load a BCD entry for EasyBCD to manage?

[Yes] [No] "
navigate to
EasyBCD 2.0
bootloader setup
Install Vista/7 bootloader
reboot into W7
start EasyBCD
add new entry - select XP, let it auto-configure.
I have XP on first, I lost vista.

D:\boot\bcd isnt there and there isnt a \boot\ folder on either drive
Use EasyBCD 2.0.1's "Recreate Boot Files" option and "Reinstall the Vista/7 bootloader"->Write MBR.
And I'm assuming by the "I lost vista" comment, you mean you're just no longer able to boot into it, correct? Or did you wipe its partition? If its the former, that's perfectly normal, and it happens because the Vista MBR and PBR gets replaced with XP versions which chainload ntldr instead of bootmgr. To be able to boot into Vista again, you'll need to put Vista's versions back with the second EasyBCD option I mentioned above.
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Yeah, it's not on the manager. I
ll try that now see if it works


I cant Recreate Boot Files as I'm on XP. What now?
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I have a plan that NONE of you have devised.
I use the recovery cd for vista!
Launch startup repair.
Repair the bcd files
install easybcd on vista
rewrite xp to the mbr.

Would that work?
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That will make me come up with 0x000000f error on startup. It'll do that because it needs the BCD files if you ACTUALLY read the thread.

It cant boot if it doesnt have the bcd files

But wait... If I then launched the xp recovery console from disc and typed fixboot wouldnt that fix it and look for boot files in xp install? OR Could I just fix the mbr then change the boot device?

I think that would still require the damn BCD files OR is the mbr controlling the boot instead of BCD?
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Technically, either will do. I didn't notice you were talking about Vista and not 7 - your license actually doesn't let you use the 7 disc, you'll need to use the Vista one.