Weird problem, need advice


Hey all,
I'm suffering from a weird problem caused by EasyBCD. Here's the thing, I'm dual booting with Windows xp and windows Vista (as main OS) but, when im selecting xp in the boot menu and after that restarting to vista my vista is coming back kinda screwed up, by screwed up i mean that im getting all of this weird glitches such as: can't open control panel (it opens and closes right away, can't open my computer, can't open other windows related softwares etc'. If im going to EasyBCD and restoring my last good bootloader settings my vista (after restart) returns to normal.
any one knows what I'm talking about?
it would be great if someone can explain how the bootloader has something to do with in vista control panel.

maybe this will help:

There are a total of 2 entries listed in the Vista Bootloader.
Bootloader Timeout: 3 seconds.
Default OS: Microsoft Windows Vista

Entry #1

Name: Microsoft Windows Vista
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows

Entry #2

Name: Microsoft Windows Xp
BCD ID: {xxx}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \NTLDR
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It doesn't sound like this is a bootloader-related problem - my best guess would be that either XP or Vista is not shutting down cleanly, so it's not loading right after a reboot.....
well... it happened to me 7-8 times already,
when the problem happened the last time i've tried restarting vista couple of times but my control panel opened only after i restored the bootloader.
Well, if it (due to a problem) is not shutting down right every time, then it would happen every time....

I'm not sure I get something though:
In your first post you talk about "last good bootloader settings"
And now you say "restore the bootloader."

Which is it?

Do you mean choosing "Last Known Good Configuration" upon reboot? Or using EasyBCD's bootloader restore option within Windows?
hey all,
A little update.. after my daily play in crysis with xp I've returned to vista and again, the control panel would not open but now even a backup restore with bcd didn't help. I've tried it many times with multiply restarts. I'm guessing that theres allot more then the control panel because many other windows application gave me hard times.. Even solitaire would not open. As last resort i tried the Type 2 mentioned above that completely removed the xp entries from my boot.ini and that really did made the diffrence. Now im scared to reenter the xp entries .. i dont have enough mental power to reinstall Vista if that problem will return and i wont be abale to fix it.