Weirdest Vista Startup Ever This Morning


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As you know I dual boot XP and Vista, and FYI I have updates set to notify me first before downloading and installing.

I turned everything on this morning and got to my usual OS Choices screen and selected Vista.

I then got a one line blurb at the top of the screen stating something like this (it was momentary so didn't get it all)

"232/232......blah....blah...blah (can't remember)..... registry install"

Then I got the usual screen one gets after major updates "Installing updates stage 2 out of 3 xxx complete" and then the User Name choice came up as normal.

This is extremely weird as yesterday I don't recall installing any updates at all, however when I checked update history I see "Windows Update Agent 7.2.6001.784" installed successfully yesterday.

What the hell is going on? How can an update install without my knowledge and what was that weird 232/232 thing that I saw?

I tried rebooting and no issues or abnormalities whatsoever.

That, gentlemen, is your puzzle for the day.
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I assume you've configured WU not to update without your asking?

Interesting article Mak - quite sad, indeed!
Yes, I've set it to notify me first.

Do you know, I saw mention of that article a while back and dismissed it as just a probable fiction written by some one who disliked Microsoft. Obviously I should have taken notice.

Ah well, one lives and learns.

BAD Microsoft!! I would expect that of Apple products not you guys!

First time I've ever seen that odd line all on its own as Vista was booting. I'm used the good old BSOD type thingy....LOL

Thanks guys. At least I know that it wasn't a notice of impending doom.
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Strange !
I have WUD set to notify, and I haven't had any unauthorized stealth updates, though I see MS give themselves permission at the bottom of the WUD menu.
On my system (x64) all the WUD files are dated 19/01/08 and have a version
7.0.6001.18000 ?
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Mine's the same with the addition of Microsoft Update.

I wonder if that Note at the bottom is Microsoft's "out" for this stealth updating?


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That's new, isn't it? I don't recall that dialog looking that way back in the day...

Pretty smart:
* Sneak in
* Do something
* Give yourself permission to sneak in legally again at any later date....