What are some good, easy to understand password generator programs (downloads)?


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Good morning everyone,

CLARIFICATION: The topic title should be PASSWORD MANAGER program instead of password generator program.

I would like to ask for recommendations for a good, easy-to-understand random password manager program download (preferably free, but would consider a paid one, if it offers a trial period).

Thank you for your time and any suggestions!
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I had used a number of options, but settled on LastPass maybe 2 or 3 years ago. It's hard to beat.
I appreciate the follow-up info. I'll take a look at the website.

One other question I do have is this: I see that Last Pass is an online program. How secure is the software? I would have thought that using a program which is stored on my computer would be safer rather than storing data online???
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It works by creating an encrypted file and storing your passwords inside it. The encrypted file is stored online, and when you use the program the encrypted container is downloaded, decrypted locally, then used. Very safe.
Now Google just needs to buy LastPass or start putting some better password features into Chrome.....

If you're concerned about the security at all, LastPass offers multi-factor authentication. I was using the grid option for awhile, but they've also worked with Google to achieve 2-factor authentication using Google Authenticator if you've got a smartphone and already use 2-factor authentication with your Google account.

Thought I'd mention another option as well if you don't feel comfortable with online password management though I can assure you LastPass is pretty secure. Before I switched to LastPass myself I used KeePass for sometime. Theres variations of it for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Yeah, I'm using Google authenticator for GMail and LastPass. But it really makes me worry about the security of my iPhone itself!
I use a lock pattern on my Vibrant, I know you can lock down an iPhone as well. My brothers got a pin on his. I can see why it would be bad for someone to get ahold of your phone with it unlocked, but with iCloud you can remotely wipe your iOS device anyway.

Funny story: if I lose my iPhone, I can't wipe it.. since my apple password is on my LastPass and my LastPass 2-factor auth needs my iPhone :grinning:
LastPass needs emergency printout 2 factor codes like Google has.
You know I didn't think of that! Will I probably have, but it definitely get tricky if you're not careful.

Will what I do is I've got 3-4 strong passwords. For all my major accounts for things I use everyday I've got those passwords memorized. For everything else it goes into LastPass. For LastPass I've got a copy of the QR code to set it up in Google Authenticator in various places so when I get a new device (if my phone is ever stolen or I get a new one) its easy to set back up. My other devices are setup as trusted so I don't lose access and can still get to everything without having to go get a new device first.
Here's a resource you may find helpful, it's a password generator resource and it helped me when I needed it. I went for a payed version but I think they have free versions too of the software. It's really not that difficult to use, you don't need extra support for that.
I appreciate all the follow-up feedback from everyone!

I did finally decide to go with using Avast's Easy Pass. It costs $9.95 annually. Thus far, it seems to fill my needs sufficiently well, both the password-generator part (for creating random new passwords) and the auto-complete portion (for auto-filling in username/password fields).

Best regards!
"Keepass Password Safe" works for me.

Been using Keepass for years. Great password manager with good encryption also has password generator. Best part is it's Open source and Freeeeee! :booyah: