What does the metro bootloader option do ?

So i decided to download and install EasyBCD to mess around with options a bit but one option that got my interest is a checkbox that says "Use Metro bootloader"* in the edit boot menu tab but because i don't want to risk corrupting my windows installation since i can't reinstall the OS if it breaks i want to know what does it do and HOW it does it.

My version of windows is Windows 7 Proffesional 32-bit so i want to know what the option would do to the OS, would it modify the boot menu and completely change it or what ?

*I know that metro bootloader is the options menu windows 10 has in the pre-boot enviroment


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No such thing in W7.
Only an option from W8 onwards.
(It's the blue GUI version instesd of the black command-line)


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To be honest I don't know what EasyBCD's response would be since there's nothing there to enable.
Either an error message or a crash I'd guess.


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The error is silently swallowed if metro is not an option.

It would be better to hide that option entirely, but EasyBCD does not (presently) check for the version of bootmgr to see supported capabilities.