What does vista boot cd include?


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My vista doesn't start somehow..

1. i downloaded the boot cd
2. i burned into a dvd, from the .iso image -> it's ok. works perfectly

But now, id like to know what happens to my files in the harddisk, if i pres "install windows" -button. ...is it going to be erased? Or is there somekind of bootoption, that just will get the vista up & running again, without installing it again?

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Hello mika, welcome to NST.
Our recovery disk cannot be used for installation of Vista. You will need to purchase a Vista dvd for that.
You can try running Startup Repair times from our recovery disk, 2-3 times because it can only fix one thing per pass, or if that doesn't help, System Restore if you have a restore point to go back to before the trouble started.




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Ignore the "Install" button. It doesn't do anything unless you're using a full Vista DVD.
You need the "Repair your Computer" at the bottom left of the same screen.