What Drivers?


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I'm assuming you're doing

Make Bootable OR Load BCD from USB
Add Entry | WinPE
Ramdisk -> browse for the .wim

Can you post the contents of EasyBCD's detailed mode for the USB's BCD?
OK so I managed to extract the DVD contents to a folder:


I add it through EasyBCD, WinPE, RAM Disk, Path to .wim

I boot from the device, get the menu option, choose the option and.....

"Windows failed to start
Status: 0xc0000017
Info: Ramdisk device creation failed due to insufficient memory"
Netbook has 1024mb memory installed.

?? Any ideas now... seem to fix one problem but replace it with another....


My original method was to have an ISO for the disk which I tend to download from Microsoft. Then install the OS by launching it through EasyBCD bootloader adding it as an option for an ISO. Since we are deviating from the original plan, can you not explain to me why I cant use ISO images? It seems a real PITA to first download an ISO from M/S then extract to a folder, then add as a WIM image.
I want it to work with ISO's., that would be Easy(BCD)
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Wait, I don't get it. Before this you hadn't extracted the contents? Wasn't EasyBCD crashing? Can you explain what happened?
Wait, I don't get it. Before this you hadn't extracted the contents? Wasn't EasyBCD crashing? Can you explain what happened?

Sure I tried numerous times and it crashed, stating EasyBCD must close. I tried to send in the fault details but it wouldnt let me.

Then, the next day I think, it decided to not crash and let me add the WIM image after I extracted the ISO contents using another program.

I still face two problems, 1.) the original, when I load the ISO and boot windows I get the drivers message I posted up in pictures and 2.) When I extract the ISO and add the install.WIM using the PE option I get the error message I posted above.

I've taken to writing the ISO to disk and using that which is most disappointing as it means I need to go back to having loads of disks instead of them on a lovely bootable USB HDD.

I havent had time to look at this for a while now as I've had manic other problems to deal with like damm RAID cards and disks dieing all over the place and viruses killing some of the schools I look after. I might not get another chance until the weekend of 2/3 July as this weekend is my birthday and I'm having the weekend off for a change.

I'll keep you updated with anything I experience and help out by posting pictures.

If you get a chance, and have a Win 7 disk, see if you can install Win7 on a machine using either of the two methods I'm using as if you can I'd also love to know what exactly (if anything) I'm doing wrong or whether or not this is actually compatable.

Have you ever tested installing Win7 from a bootable USB device? Successful?
Cheers for the help so far.